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May 15, 2012
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Hopeful Promises. -One Shot. Tahorra

"Pretty boy? Is that you?"


Tahno lazily opened his eyes as the sun glared at his direction. He winced as sun pierce through the form of Korra, was leaning towards him.

"Why are laying in the park fountain?" Korra asked as she tilted her head in genuine curiosity.  

Tahno instantly shot up and mumbled something intangible while slightly blushing at the fact that Korra discovered him sleeping in what he likes to call one of "his temporary homes."  Apart from  losing his bending, his friends, his fan girls, his fame, and his pride, Tahno was finding himself homeless.

Despite the fact Amon took his bending and cheated his way to first place, he was still awarded the prize winnings. With that money however, Tahno went straight to all the best healers in the city to see if somehow he could get his bending back. He spent all night trying to find a cure but it wasn't a success.

Tahno realized by dawn that he truly lost his ability to bend and that there was nothing he could do about it.

When he thought things couldn't get any worse, later in the end of the week, Tahno could no longer afford to live in his luxurious apartment anymore. His prize money was running low and he needed to save that money for food and other necessities. By morning, he was evacuated from his home and found himself practically living on the streets.

The last thing he needed, was Korra finding out that not only was he a pitiful chump who lost his bending, but now he was a pitiful homeless chump who lost his bending.

Tahno lightly gave her a tired smirk as he sat down. "I guess I was having another one of my beauty naps. In case you haven't noticed, I think I'm in a desperate need of one."

Korra sat next to him laughing. "Well, I can't argue with you there. But still, why here of all places. I was certain the great Tahno would be hanging around a local cave or a urban café shop were tortured artistic souls gather to express their feelings through reciting poetry in public."

Tahno rolled his eyes. "Korra, Do you really think I'm the type to express my feelings publically to complete idiotic strangers?"

"Not really, but I surely see you hanging around with some idiotic people inside some underground shops in Republic City." The young avatar said as she playfully nudged him with her elbow.

He gave out a weary chuckle as he looked away from her.

"So are you going to tell me why you're really here." Korra softly asked as her foot began to twist from side to side as she snuck in a side glance to his direction.

The ex Wolfbat Captain sighed loudly, practically groaning at the fact he was about to once again lose every ounce of his pride. "I think we both know why I'm sleeping in this fountain Korra. Not everyday Republic City's Wolfbat Captain Champion, becomes a pitiful fool who barely has any money to pay for a decent place to live because he had to choose between shelter and food."

For a moment, the two remained silent and looked straight ahead at some of the children who were playing in the grass, laughing together with one another.

Suddenly, Korra shot up while grabbing Tahno's hand.

"What the-What are you doing?" The ex waterbender stated in a mixture of exhaustion and annoyance.

Korra turned to him and cupped his hands. As if things couldn't get more embarrassing for Tahno, he found himself feeling the blood rush into his cheeks as she looked straight into his eyes. She had her determined pouty look she held the day she met him. He didn't want to admit it to himself at the time, but the moment he saw her in Narook's Noodlery with that same look she held now, he thought not only this was practically one of the most adorable looks he has ever received (which says a lot since he loathes to use the word adorable) but it was this look that sparked his interest in her.

Now this look held something deeper.

"Tahno…This is a demand and it's not optional. You have no say in this matter. " Korra announced her eyes dancing playfully at his confused reaction. "You are going to stay at Air Temple Island until I found a way to restore your bending.  But don't think you laze about. You're going to help around in the Island, Babysit the Tenzin's kids with me, and help me learn air bending so we can finally kick some Amon butt. "

Tahno's crystal gray eyes widened as he stared at those hopeful glowing blue ones.


Before he could finish, her finger was roughly pressed into his lips.

"No ifs, ands, OR BUTS! Listen up pretty boy. I really hate repeating myself so I'm gonna be nice and tell you how this is gonna happen. I'm bringing you home, with me. I will get Amon and make him pay for what he has done to you and everyone else.  Most importantly, I will find a way to get your bending back. "

Tahno's gaze fell from hers and he softly whispered. "Can you really do that? Get my bending back?"

Korra gave his hands a firm squeeze.

"I don't know how but I promise you. If Avatar Aang was the first avatar to take away a person's bending, then you bet I'll be the first Avatar to have the ability to either reverse the effect or grant bending abilities to people. And when I do figure out how to do it, I promise…I will start with you. "

She then did something that surprised the two. She quickly pulled him into a hug and whispered lightly. "I promise you Tahno…Everything will be okay. You'll be okay. Just hang in there a little longer."

If there was ever a moment Tahno wanted to break down and cry it was right now in this moment. Normally he didn't trust others so easily and would often ridicule and scorn someone who promised him anything. People always lie or don't live up to their promises. To him, hopes and promises were nothing but broken and empty words.    

But Korra's words touched him in an entirely different way. The way she looked at him as she promised him everything will be okay.

For the first time in his life, Tahno now understood the meaning and feeling of hope. He now understood why so many people poured their faith into the Avatar. Despite the avatar being born into the world as different people, the overall outcome was the same. The Avatar was someone who never walked out on people who needed him or her.

Avatar Korra was no exception. Sure she was tough, a tomboy, and had a temper worse than ten dragons…But she was also very innocent, kind, and above all a true fierce friend. One who would never turn her back on people no matter who they are or how they treated her.

Tahno now embraced Korra back and lightly answered. "Thank you."

The two remained frozen like this for what seemed to be hours but was barely five minutes. To his chagrin Korra gently pulled away and looked at him, her face now displaying that cocky smirk of hers.

"So? I'm guessing you used to waterbend your hair into that ridiculous curly swirl huh?"

Tahno blinked and then gave a small grin back at her. " If you'd accepted those private lessons earlier, I would have more than gladly have shown you that trick…and many more."

Korra playfully punched his arm. "You're such a sleazebag."

"A sleazebag with alluring lines, no?" Tahno attempted to reason as he flipped his floppy hair to the side. "You can't deny, I was charming."

Korra rolled her eyes. "Believe me when I say I think you look better this way then you did before with that stupid hair. I admit though, I do miss the eyeliner, pretty boy. Better than the sad puppy dog puffy eyed look you have now. "

Tahno's eyes narrowed for a second but then his lips twisted into that annoying smirk she knew too well as he realized what she said. "Ah. So you admit it. You do find me attractive despite my hair."

Her bright blue eyes widened as a faint blush spread through her cheeks. "As if loser. I just mean you look tolerable."

"But that's not what you said." Tahno countered back as he leaned closer to Korra. "Now was it? You still call me pretty boy. "

His face was met with her hand, ruffling his already greasy stringy hair. "You sir, are getting on my last nerve! Now come on, or I'll personally use you as my punching bag right here right now."

Tahno laughed as Korra attempted to remain serious but failed miserably as she joined him into the laughter.

She then grabbed his hand once again and the two walked off towards Yue Bay, both trying to ignore the tingling sensation they felt as their bare hands touched.
:iconfooboo24: I hope you like this Tahorra fanfic.

I love this crack (is it considered crack now since the clip? XD) couple so freakin much. Don't worry I'm hardcore Makorra but this couple is so freakin adorable.

Serisouly Byrke WTF are you doing to my emotions? That episode 7 clip tore my heart out! DX
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I liked this paragraph: "Normally he didn't trust others so easily and would often ridicule and scorn someone who promised him anything. People always lie or don't live up to their promises. To him, hopes and promises were nothing but broken and empty words." I wonder if Tahno himself fit that description.
Girl-In-Disorder Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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Looking back, it does have OOC but I was craving for more Tahnorra XD

Aww Thank you! ^^

About the paragraph, I think you are right. After all, I have this headcanon that Tahno would fit that description because he was let down so many times. Therefore, he decided to do the same to everyone else.
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