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:bulletpink: Greetings Fellow Deviants! It is I.... Girl-In-Disorder! :bulletpink:

Hope you enjoy some of my art. Also I hope to make alot of friends here! :3:

Art Icon made by the lovely :iconchronnellian:

I love to make comics as you can see (or will see) in my gallery. I also love to draw little what I like to call children's storybook illustrations since I am hoping to become a Preschool Teacher when I grow up. I am known to have two kinds of art styles: anime and child illustrations. I also love to paint and create characters from fabric and sewing.

Here are some of my awesome buddies in random order!


:bulletwhite:LIKES AND LOVES:bulletwhite:

:bulletpink:Tv shows:
Freaks and Geeks, Daria, Roseanne, Modern Family, How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory, Law and Order:SVU, Hey Arnold, As Told By Ginger, Cooking Shows.

Ghost World, Splender in the Grass, Kick-Ass, The Outsiders, Gidget, The Breakfast Club, SLC Punk, She's the Man, Sense and Sensibility, Toy Story, Sixteen Candles, The Lion King, The Wedding Singer,Tuck Everlasting, 500 Days of Summer, Pretty in Pink, The Iron Giant, Back to the Future, Tangled, Up, Hunger games, Memoirs of a Geisha, Harry Potter (1-7) .

The Aquabats, Jack's Mannequin, New Found Glory, Reel Big Fish, Flogging Molly, The Starting Line, The Sounds, The Weepies, Senses Fail, Army of Freshman, The Paper Kites, Lindsey Stirling, Eisley, The Stars, Avenge Sevenfold, Reggie and the Full Effect, Shiny Toy Guns, The Honey Trees, Blink 182, Pearl and the Puppets, Straylight Run, Bim, The White Stripes, Cold Play, She & Him, Hellogoodbye, Secondhand Serenade, Relient K, Boys like Girls, Mika, Regina Spektor Senses Fail, As Tall As Lions, Eyeshine, Classical Music.

The Giver, Gathering Blue, The Messenger, Just Listen, Perks of being a wallflower, Darkest Powers Series (The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning,) Evermore, That Summer, Keeping the Moon, She's Come Undone, Need, Shiver, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingbird, Memoirs of a Geisha, Becoming Anna.

The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Honey and Clover, Fairy Tail, Baccano!, Oban Star Racers, Lovely Complex, Fruit Baskets, Full Metal Panic, Sailor Moon, Hellsing Ovas, Deadman Wonderland, NANA, Eureka 7, Blood+, D Gray Man, Hellsing OVA's, Red Garden, Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Bleach, Spice and Wolf, Princess Tutu, GunsxSword, Azumanga Daioh, Air, Wedding Peach, Ninja Nonsense, Code Geass, Emma a Victorian Romance, Blood-C, Hetalia.

:bulletgreen:Random Likes: Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Pinwheels, Ribbons, Bubbles, Sour Gummy Worms, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, Knitting, Hula Hoops.

DISLIKES: (Warning: Prepare for any upcoming rants you might see XD)

:bulletred:Black Olives (haha I just can't handle them...One time I got 1 black olive on my sandwich and when I ate it...omg I...freaked out! My tastebuds can't handle that kind flavor.

:bulletblack:Disrespectful/Mean people. I can't stand to see others being rude to others for who they are , what they like, or both. I want to live in a more gentle and peaceful world and I really want everyone to be kind to one another.

:bulletred:Twilight (Before I get asked, Yes I read and unfortunately found myself watching the movies to see if it was good but alas, it was worse then the books. In short, I gave it a chance, and well...have a right to criticize after I sat through all that torture! XD But that's my opinion. )

I thought it wasn't possible, but the poor and pathetic acting skills in this movie was worse than five lifetime movies put together. They could have been a little better. haha be nice about the book series, the I liked about that book were three characters. Carlisle, Esme and Emmett...that is all. Sorry twi-gals and guys but real men don't sparkle XD I rest my case.

Note: I respect those who like twilight! I don't dislike people who do. I mean, a few friends of mine are twilight fans after all! ^^

Current Residence: Higgly Shiggly
Favourite genre of music: All types except rap and country
Favourite style of art: Usually Anime or Children's Illustrations
Operating System: Que? XD
Favourite cartoon character: Orihime Inoue -Bleach and Tohru Honda-Fruitbaskets, and Haruhi-Ouran High School Host Club
Personal Quote: "Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons."
  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: "Bang Bang" Nancy Sinatra
  • Reading: ShinoHina fanfiction (lmao)
  • Watching: Ore_Monogatari
  • Drinking: Tea
 Hello Everyone! How are you? I hope you are all doing well. 

So yesterday my little sister graduated from High School and she's the last one. I am so proud of her and now she's attending the university, I went to. There were tears, laughter, then a mini panic attack when we were all trying to get ready. 

Yet, there was drama. 

So my aunt and cousins were supposed to come to my sister's graduation. However, my aunt wanted us to invite my cousin's boyfriend. My sister only had enough tickets for me, my parents, our older sister, her best friend (who went to another school), my aunt, and her kids (our cousins). 

We told our aunt that my cousin's boyfriend had to come and we were like "It's family only" and we only have enough tickets for everyone in the family and my sister's childhood best friend and (we all know her since she was small so she's like family). 

But my aunt insisted that he had to come and she kept saying it no matter how many times we told her. (It's funny because not even our cousin cared.) Yet, my aunt has always been the type to show off her daughter's boyfriends if they have money or not. I assume he had money because she kept insiting we bring him. 

My little sister had enough and told my aunt she doesn't know the boyfriend, she doesn't want to know him, (cause like WTF he's not marrying our cousin. They are 15 year olds. Not engaged) and told my aunt, well it's family only and I have enough tickets for you three. If you want to come, call us. If not, then I guess that boyfriend is more important than your niece's graduation. 

What happened? 

My aunt of course did not come. No phone call. No text. Nothing. She flat out read the text but decided not to respond. WTF. My mom, older sister, and I were so pissed off. My little sister was like "WTF no, she ain't starting drama on my day. LOL BYE. Forget her." 

Apparently, we are no longer in speaking terms with our aunt at the moment. Ugh. I'm sorry but do you all think we over reacted? I am sorry but I don't want to invite some strange 15 year old boy to the graduation and have him be in pictures where we know there is a very slim chance they will end up together. Please tell me your thoughts. 


Anyone watched Steven Universe? "We need to talk?" 

Dang...I these recent episodes ( the exception of Ronaldo) have been getting us in the feels lately haven't they? 

I wanted to cry each time. Hahaha. 

Update: 06-19-2015 

GAH! OMG some deviant wrote a comment and I accidentally put it as spam on accident on my phone when I was trying to hit reply! I AM SO SORRY!

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Elbytron Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm overwhelmed with KasaDem feels T_T Can we maybe talk about the OTP for a bit? I've been missing those losers!
Girl-In-Disorder Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Haha Hey girl!!!! omg YES. What shall we talk about? :3333 

KasaDem rescue arc, KasaDem break up but Kasa came back to RC where it was awkward for both of them. I was thinking she came back 6-7 months later also in Lok Season 2. Would make things interesting with the Southern Tribe and Northern Tribe war going on. KasaDem getting back together, KasaDem this, KasaDem that, KasaDem dubstep. XD You pick girl. I'm game. 


(I have some WIP sketches of them. A few more tangled and more break up feels scenes) 

(Also wanted to let you know I'm working on...I can't keep it in. I'm making Kasa into a Gem and was gonna as how you felt, that if Koi and Ahniki are one Gem (like Ruby and Saphire) and I wanted to draw them fusing. Or at least a Kasa Gemsona and Koi Gemsona fusing. XDDD) 
Elbytron Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can we talk about KasaDem beginnings? :iconrukiaawesomeplz: Like the time when they were not actually together yet but hung out a lot being all flirty and easygoing with each other and having chemistry and make others turn their heads? I'm talking about avatarverse here :3 Basically I want some fluff, haha.

Yes, we also have to talk about KasaDem during the civil war at the tribes! I need angsty Dem who is worried sick about her but who fucked up too much to go there and make sure everything's fine and he feels weak without his bending. I need him to casually ask Haroma about the situation down there, I could see her being very invested with Tala being her friend and well, Haroma always being somehow involved when there's fighting XD Since the Whaletails are mostly watertribe I could imagine them having quiet strong feelings about this! What if Surrun and the twins joined Tonraq's little rebellion and Jatuk totally sympathises with Unalaq? Man, I need to rewatch LoK, I need to get these events freshened up in my mind.

What gems should they be though? I could imagine Kasa as a Iolite, that's a purple gem that is also called Water Sapphire :) There are so many great gems to use for this. Where will you place her gem?
YES FUSE KOI AND AHNIKI YOU HAVE MY BLESSING. I can't even begin to imagine what their fusion would look like! They would be jolly and flirty yet aloof and precise at the same time???
Girl-In-Disorder Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
YOU GOT IT!!! Let's start with the headcanons! :3 

Sad Headcanon when Kasa and Dem are in their bromance "friendship but oh snap I think we are beginnig falling for each other era," Dem is acting odd and Kasa wants to know what it is. Finally, Dem invites her to go with him somewhere and it turns out it's his mother's grave. Kasa is in shock and he begins to tell her more about his life. It's a sweet moment for the two since Kasa feels happy he wanted to share this moment with her and Dem realizes out of all his flings, he never once brought a girl to his mother's grave. 

Now Happy Headcanon: Kasa and Dem love puns. One day, Kasa notices during their makeout sessions, Dem has a punbook (like in Ellie's from the last of us) and then Kasa gets so excited because she's a pun fanatic.  After this, they are by this grocery market and Kasa grabs some iceberg and goes "Lettuce talk about this pun addiction we have." Then Dem challenges her and says " What's there to talk about, when it comes to puns, we make a great...*grabs a fruit* Pear...." :lmao: They are "secretly" not so secretly dorky together. XD 
OMG I can just imagine in the riots. Yahtol is torn because he owes the whale tails everything for saving his family but his love for his northern tribe. Tala will  totally hang out with Haroma and well, to be honest, Tala would probably side with the Southerners only because she feels she owes her life to Whaletales for saving her husband and kids. I can imagine Sitsi feeling more worried for Surrun (omg maybe before he Surrun joins the rebellion, Sitsi knew he was going to but still comes to see him and hugs him and wants him to come back safely and she supports his decision.)  This would be before they got together but towards the end of season 2, I can see them getting together. <3333 

Kasa is just feeling torn like her dad because she just got back from the Northern Tribe and feels she owes them to side with them but at the same time she owes the whaletales for saving her life and her family's lives. She also thinks about mostly how she owes Dem everything and wants to talk to him so badly but she is deathly afraid of him (thinking he hates her so much) and also she feels she's not worth being his friend even. I guess when Kasa dates Uzi too it makes thing worse because I think Uzi and Kasa are dating one trying to get over Dem and Tabane. 
Elbytron Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Girl I saw this and just wanted to share because I know you love Death Parade:…

Those are the actual musicians from the intro and what they did is so cute I can't even X__X I have to check their other things asap not only is the music great they are so adorable!!!
Girl-In-Disorder Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Oh em gee. This is sooooo FREAKING FLIPPING CUTE!!!! XD 

I don't think we have ever seen bands really do a replica intro for their anime opening song. We need more people like this in the world. *steven universe star eyes* 
Elbytron Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Girl-In-Disorder Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
ROFLMAO :iconohmyglobplz: 

Oh gurl...It gets better and worse emotionally as it goes on. :lmao: (Dude, I wish I could see your reaction for the episode 3 and for episode 12 especially) Do you have tissues because you will just cry everyday. 

Hahaha Omg. When I started the show was on episode 4 and I watched them in one day. Waiting for the episodes to come out was torture. 

So what'dya think of Decim? *w* Major cutie huh? You don't understand. He's now tied with my love of Stark, Brock. Maybe he's number 1! D: 
Elbytron Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^This was my reaction after episode 3 XD THAT WAS SO CUTE!!! And sad and I was bawling my eyes out and kicking my legs, it was the most wonderful pain. When he still asks her out after the realisation and she's so happy! And then Decim makes that 5 minute joke totally dead pan and EVERYONE BELIEVES IT EVEN ME XDDD And then they part and hold hands and joke around and go their ways and both get sent towards reincarnation and I'm sitting there, losing it, because it's bittersweet. And then the ending just HAS to remind me how cute and precious they are X_X

After that I kinda binge watched through the whole thing. *cough* GOOD THING I HAD THAT OPPORTUNITY, YOU HAD TO WAIT AHAHAhahaha.... I'm so sorry, it must've been torture to wait a week for every episode. I cried a few times more, like when the otaku remembers his foster mom and her saying that she wants him to call her mom just once and he breaks down. "I couln't even do that much for her." BAM, elbytears. Violent and abused quintuple mom missing her children and begging to go back didn't help :( The saddest thing is, that her kids will probably despise her, even in death. And the sadness just keeps happening with this anime.

I like how you mentioned episodes 3 and 12, because to me those are the ones that left the biggest impact. Don't even get me started on the finale T___T I liked Chiyuki through the whole series and when her past gets revealed slowly and it all breaks down over her and she sees her mom at her shrine and he gives her the (fake) choice I felt so strongly with her. If I was in her place, I don't know If I could've pressed that button either. And then it all falls apart, most of all Decim. Chiyuki had every right to be mad at him, but she wasn't, she understood and went to him with love and forgiveness.. That hug... that beautiful hug... when she brushes his hair away and his eyes are so human and she puts her arms around him and I cry so much and so hard and he does too and everyone's crying and it's beautiful. And then she leaves, because she has to and he remains an arbiter, because that's what he is.
I can only recall one moment in animation where I cried equally as hard and that was the scene between Zuko and Iroh at the end of Avatar, you know the one. And this anime pulled that off in 12 episodes and between characters wo aren't even related. I clap my hands at everyone involved with this, well done.

This anime easily became one of my all time favorites.

100% agreement on Decim. Major cutie, perfection in his everything.
Girl-In-Disorder Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Haha omg I know you were gonna love episode 3. That was so freakin cute. I think in their new lives, they will totally meet again and have their happily ever after. 

Omg Otaku guy (He was pretty cute though. :lmao:) I felt so bad for him and even the mom. She may not have been a good person but I dunno I felt so bad for her in genreal .

How did you feel about episodes 8-9? I remember watching the ending of episode 9, everyone in the fandom on tumblr lost their shit. (It was like the titanic all over again) No one expected it to happen this way and everyone felt so bad for that young guy. He lost his parents, dropped his dreams to get hardworking labor jobs to support himself and sister, but he didn't care so long as Sai was happy and got what she wanted, then out of the blue, Sai gets physically attacked and raped...Then the man who was could have saved her didn't and watched instead...Even when Chiyuki butting in, he still rather choose the void if it meant getting revenge for sai and torturing the man who allowed to ruin Sai and his world...That is so freakin sad. I feel worse for Sai. Can you imagine now she is truly alone in this world and you know she also loved her brother. 

I needed to ask you what your opinion was with Ginti and his view on Mayu. Half of the people hate ginti for sending Mayu to the void since people think he set her up intentionally. However, some say Ginti gave Mayu the choice in order for her to be happy with Harada. Either way, he respected her enough where he made a his own doll of her at the end. 

*sobs* I clapped of happiness when I saw Decim and his Chiyuki doll at the very end. 

Decim's first attempted smile though...So freakin cute. 

Episode 12 of Death Parade is far...crap. I cry every time I see it. The hug man. (I know they had a beautiful bond and as much as I shipped them, I would take their bond/friendship over shipping since what they had was beyond anything in the afterlife world) It was so real. The emotions everything. I can't. 
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